State of Arizona Human Resources Portals

This page serves as a central jumping off point for all State of Arizona HR portals. Here, State of Arizona employees, managers, and power users can easily jump to the HR portal to login, view user guides, and check system availability.

Employee and Manager Portals

The HR Portals below are for Employee and Manager access only.

Y.E.S. Portal

For current and former employees accessing Y.E.S. to view benefits, compensation, contact information, enter time, and more.

AZ Performs!
RWA Portal

For employees and managers accessing their AZPerforms!(Employee Appraisal) & RWA (Remote Work Agreement).

Performance Management Portal (MAP)

For employees and managers accessing their MAP performance appraisal process online.

MAP Proxies scroll down for login.

Internal Job Board & Hiring Manager Portal

For employees accessing internal state job postings. For hiring managers, approvers & HR contacts managing open job requisitions.

Online Learning Portal

For employees accessing TraCorp to enroll in courses, view training history, complete mandatory training requirements, and more.

Power User Portals

The Portals below are for Power User access only. MAP Proxies and Recruiters are considered “Power Users” even though they login with a EIN User account.
*Users with a Power User account and EIN User account should use a different web browser for logging in under each account.

HRIS Portal

For HRIS power users utilizing HRIS to perform tasks related to hiring, benefits, leave administration, terminations, and payroll.

Performance Management Portal

For MAP Proxy users logging in with their EIN to perform tasks related to agency MAP issues.

Recruitment Portal

For Recruitment professionals responsible for the end-to-end recruitment processes for their agency/organization.

AZ Performs! Portal

For Agency Admins logging in with their Power User ID to perform tasks related to agency AZPerforms! issues.

Quick Contacts

HRIS Service Desk: 602-542-4700
ADOA IT Service Desk: 602-364-4444
ProcureAZ Help Desk: 602-542-7600
Employee Verification: 1-800-367-5690
State Employee Benefits: 602-542-5008